PRICES — Effective for the 2016 season:

Every person rides their own horse.  We are sorry, but we cannot take out children under 5 or 6 years old and do not let anyone ride ‘double’.  We have little saddles that fit them well and have riding helmets for children to wear.  One of the guides will lead a child’s horse if needed.  Adults may use a helmet if they want one, but children MUST wear them.

1 hour rides for 2-9 riders…………$40.00 per person

1 hour rides for 10 to 24 riders……$35.00 per person

1 hour ride for 25+ riders…………..$30.00 per person (deposit required)

2 hour rides for 2 – 7 riders………..$60.00 per person

2 hour rides for 8 – 12 riders………..$50.00 per person

2 hour rides for 13+ riders………… $45.00 per person (deposit required)

3 & 4 hour rides for 2-5 riders……..add $20.00 for each additional hour

3 & 4 hour rides for 6-12 riders…….add $15.00 for each additional hour

All day rides…..Call for pricing……Depends on location of ride


Instruction is given on a trail ride on a scenic, beautiful ranch setting. These rides originate at the Wolfe Ranch north of Sulphur, Oklahoma. These are very effective rides to teach riders of any age how to properly communicate with a horse so that it understands what you want it to do.   Lesson rides are private rides limited to 2 to 4 persons and a experienced guide riding for 3 hours.

3 hour private lesson ride………. $90.00 per person.

One hour lessons are also available at the ranch during the week and sometimes on Saturdays depending on our trail ride schedule.   Call for availability and pricing.


We have a 250# weight limit.  Please let us know if any riders are close to or over 200# so we will be sure to have one of our sturdier horses saddled with a large saddle.  We are sorry, but at this time we cannot accommodate riders that are over 250#.

We do not expect people to ride if it is storming or the weather is bad.  Just call to find out if the weather is bad enough to have rides cancelled.

We expect people to keep ride reservations unless something major comes up.  We try to keep with a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you cannot make it to a ride PLEASE call and let us know.  ‘No shows’ will be charged!

We are riding in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and on some of the largest ranches in the area.  There are no additional admission fees to pay to ride with us on these ranches.

If we are riding in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area or on one of the large area ranches, you will still come to our ranch located 4 miles north of Sulphur on US Hwy 177.

One and most 2 hour rides are usually taken out on our ranch North of Sulphur. When we have riders that are more experienced, there are places where the horses can be trotted and loped (not run or raced EVER). We take out many riders that are fearful or have never ridden before. We have horses that take very good care of their riders as well as horses that work well for more experienced riders. Let us know ahead so you can be suitably mounted.

Longer rides take more advance planning. They are also easier to plan for on week days than on weekends.  Call for availability.

Large group rides can be taken out on a scenic ranch or on our own ranch north of Sulphur. They do require advance planning. [The photo on the ‘home page’ was taken on one of these large group rides.]

Every year we take out large church groups, school groups, YMCA groups, Scouts, etc.   Call for special arrangements and pricing.

Arbuckle Trail Rides
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Sulphur, OK  73086
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